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Wedding venues in the Philippines

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When you get married in the Philippines, and you like to do it in style, there are many options. Some cheaper, some expensive.

Depending on your budget and wishes it is possible to have an exclusive beach wedding, or in one of the many resorts you can find all over the country. Simply said: Wedding venues are everywhere.

A simple wedding

Many simple weddings are solemnized in church and the reception is held in a restaurant in the neighborhood or even at the bride’s house if there is enough space to do so. This is often the cheapest way, but still very acceptable for most Filipinos.

Old Spanish church wedding

Having your marriage solemnized in one of the many old Spanish-build churches could also be an option, followed by a reception in one of the many inland resorts, special venues or hotels in your neighborhood.

Resort, beach or hotel wedding

In the gallery below you can see a few of the many possibilities.

wedding venues in the Philippines
Of course a priest or minister can solemnize weddings in a resort, or on the beach if you prefer to do so. It is completely up to the couple and the budget.
Hotels, be in local hotels or big International hotels, also have a function room most of the time. Of course these locations are a little more expensive.

Then there are the exclusive (beach) resorts and other placed with function rooms / spaces. Be prepared to spend a little more on such wedding.

Planning the wedding

Weddings are solemnized in church at your convenient time, to be arranged with the local priest or minister. I have attended weddings as early as 7 am, but also in the afternoon. It all depends on the budget and possibilities. In smaller communities, like rural villages, possibilities are more limited than in bigger cities.

After the wedding itself, be it in church or on location, tables are set to have a meal with the family and guests. Sometimes there are possibilities to enjoy western cuisine, but most of the time it will be Filipino dishes. More expensive places even offer real Champagne to bring a toast to the young couple.

After the meal, the newlyweds often have to dance their first dance as a married couple. It is a custom in the Philippines that guests and family are pinning money on the couple to give them a good start in their married life together. Aside from that some guest might have brought wedding presents. It is customary that these presents are opened after the dance.
Funny detail is, and it has been seen all over the world, the young couple will receive more than one rice-cooker, more than one toaster etcetera. For this reason the Philippines has also implemented wedding lists in stores in bigger cities. This system has many advantages and might be a good idea for you too.

After party

If you have the budget, and you like it, or your extended family likes it, an after party can be organized. It is up to you and your budget to hire a band or simply a DJ, or maybe even a simple karaoke. As you probably know, Filipinos like to dance and sing. As long as they can do one of these, they will be happy.
Men, used to group together on such evening, with a bottle of Gin or Emperador on the table, while women group together to just talk about babies, children and food. But this is the Philippines, this is Filipino life.

Summary and tips

As you can read above, almost everything is possible. My advice is to visit a few of these venues and talk about the possibilities, prices and availability on your desired date. Check also if there is a possibility to stay the night. Just in case, the after party is going to be late in the evening. In addition, one or more dressing rooms during the event would be very convenient. Ask to see pictures of previous events they have organized, it gives you an idea of how good they are. Make a question list in advance and bring a notebook to write all down. Take a few pictures of the place, so you can compare later and make your decision.

Costs estimate

Do never forget to consult your bride and her family about their wishes. It will be more THEIR wedding than yours. You, as a foreigner, are only there to pay for all. đŸ˜‰
When talking about expenses, be prepared to pay for a simple wedding at the bride’s residence as little as 20 to 30 thousand pesos.
The more exclusive the location is, or the more guests you invite, or what are you planning for an after party; it could cost you 100.000 pesos or much more. So setting a budget is what you should do, even if it is the most important day in your life.

Have a happy wedding, and a long life together

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    Somewhere like Palawan would be perfect

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      Palawan has nice spots, just like so many other islands

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