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overstaying foreigners in the Philippines

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Overstaying foreigners are citizens of countries, not the Philippines, who are staying in the Philippines without proper staying permit.
Staying permits are: all kinds of visa, balikbayan status, SRRV and the like.

The Bureau of Immigration has started a campaign that it rewards people when they report an illegal foreigner in the Philippines.
overstaying foreignersSee the image at the right and click on it for a larger version.

Who are overstaying foreigners

Why are they doing so? Just a wild guess: They know that many foreigners have entered the Philippines but never left the country or applied for a staying permit or visa. They want them to be registered officially. Perhaps these foreigners have a criminal record in their home country and do not want to leave the Philippines. Others might have other reasons.
For this reason the Bureau of Immigration has launched its campaign: Good guys in, bad guys out, in order to catch some of these foreigners while rewarding the people who report these illegal aliens.

Another registration order

overstaying foreignersAt the same time another campaign is running at the Bureau of Immigration: Foreigners who do not have a SRRN number yet, (Social Security Registration Number) are required to go to one of the offices and have their fingerprints and pictures taken for the BI database.
See the image at the right and click on it for a larger version.

The Alien Registration Program (ARP), a Bureau of Immigration (BI) – Department of Justice (DOJ) initiative, aims to: Account; Register and re-register; Capture information; Update BI’s alien database and Provide assistance for visa-related problems.

For inquiries, you may contact the following numbers: (02)465-2400 locals 208, 444 and 447.
Home page Bureau of Immigration
Regional offices addresses

My opinion is that they are now ready to digitize all information.
I remember from a few years ago, that I also had my fingerprints and picture taken digitally, but I was also asked to have pictures and fingerprints on paper taken. When I was asking why it should be done on two separate ways the answer was: “Just in case the computers are failing, sir!”
Maybe now they realize or have implemented better servers with a secure back up installed. 😉 And the large mountain of papers, which can be found in many government offices can be filed for ever. The Philippines is entering the digital era!!!
And it’s about time, check this blog! Immigration sometimes is was a nightmare.


  • Klaus Doring commented on 1 March, 2015 Reply

    Hi Jan,

    thanks a lot for this informative post. I would like to share this also on my blog. I ask permission to do so.

    KLAUS from Davao.

    • Jan commented on 1 March, 2015 Reply

      Hi Klaus,
      You do not have to ask me, I trust you will mention the source as always.
      Thanks for sharing. It is something all expats/foreigners in the Philippines should know and be aware of.

      • Friedrich commented on 3 April, 2015 Reply

        This is not something “all foreigners” need to know. Only long-staying criminal sex tourists…

        • Dutch Expat commented on 3 April, 2015 Reply

          I do not want to warn all foreigners….

  • Friedrich commented on 3 April, 2015 Reply

    It is not called “SSRN” nor “Social Security Registration Number”.

    It is Special Security Registration Number; or SSRN.

    And it’s not for all aliens. Just long-term tourists. Immigrants and other excepted aliens do not need this, due to already having an ICR.

    This is a good thing! There are WAY too many bad foreigners here!

    • Dutch Expat commented on 3 April, 2015 Reply

      So what’s your problem here?

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