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Today I have created a better and new 404 page.

What is a 404 page? You might ask

I will try to explain:
The Internet is a huge collection of websites and web pages. Almost all websites have links to other pages. A link is a kind of road direction, a kind of signpost which is click-able and when you do so, your browser will bring you to that clicked link.
Pages are created and added to websites and unfortunately pages also go, are deleted or whole websites are gone forever. It could be that you are clicking on a link, but the website does not exist anymore, or that page was deleted. In these cases you get a ‘404 error’ on your screen.
The page that shows you that 404 error, is called a 404 page.
And I have created one today, just in case you get lost on this website, or you are typing the name of a page which was deleted.
As you probably know, I wrote many posts on this website, and recently I have renewed the site. In that process I decided to remove all old posts, review them, en if they are still useable, rewrite them, to make them up-to-date and publish them again.
So if you are looking for some old stuff, it might happen that that information is gone. And if you click on old favorites in your browser to old articles that do not exist anymore, you will end up at my new 404 page.
You want to take a look? Click here!
NOTE: on the 404 page is a link to go back to the previous page. That option will not work for you in this case, you have to close the window.

404 page’s in the world

There are many nice 404 pages in the world of the Internet. Here are a few I think they are funny and good.
This one, or this one, or this one, or this one with a special movie, but there are many more.

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