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Yes, you read that well: I have finally started Learning Tagalog!

A little history

After being an Expat in the Philippines for almost 7 years now, I only learned very little Tagalog. Saying Good day and the like, that is what I have learned in all these years.
There are several reasons for it:

  • I am a little lazy
  • Almost everybody speaks English
  • I find Tagalog complicated
  • I prefer to play with my computer, making websites and more

Probably there are many more reasons, but I do not like to mention any of them.

I am fine, I think. Filipinos wanting to talk to me do that in English most of the time. And those who have ‘nosebleed’ (=not able to find the right words) just mix a little English with lots of Tagalog. Lucky for me, I understand a lot…, but not all. I realize that I am missing something.

learning tagalog

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I have adapted already the Filipino style of driving a car, I eat more rice than I have ever done in my life in Holland, and I think that 100 pesos is really a lot of money….
So actually, I am doing fine! except Learning proper Tagalog.

Learning Tagalog

Until a few days ago…
While doing some research for a new article for this website, I came across a nice website to learn Tagalog called Learning Tagalog. I checked the website thoroughly and tried a sample lesson. Man, if this is the way to learn Tagalog an easy way, I thought I’ll go for it.
According to the website one needs only 15 to 30 minutes a day, and I believe that might be good enough to learn the language.
I have tried other methods before, also online, but I gave up because there was just speaking, no explanation why something should be said a certain way, no grammar explanation, just words.
This course however, gives a lot of explanations, and good examples of the pronunciation in MP3 files.

I contacted the owner and asked him a few questions, and to my surprise, he answered my questions well and fast. A very good customer service. So I decided to order one of the packages and I am finally going to start Learning Tagalog now.

To all my readers I am going to promise this: I will report on this website about my progress. I’ll try to write monthly and tell you how my speaking to the locals will be better. So come back soon!
Just wish me luck, strength, and the courage to continue.

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