Learning Tagalog, part 2

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It is a little over a month now that I started with a new course in Learning Tagalog.
(read my first article Here)
And although I am very busy with other things, like translating as a free lance translator and building websites for others, I do find some time every now and then to follow my course. I even practice in public a little which is fun.
I have reached lesson 6 by now, which is lesser than I had planned before, but I am doing fine. Lessons are easy to follow, with good explanation of how and why something is said on a particular way and the samples of pronunciation are easy to follow and to repeat.
Going in the street and try it out to locals is the best thing to do. I know now that I am pronouncing some words the wrong way. I am stressing the wrong syllables in some words, which sometimes gives the word a different meaning, hence laughter from the locals. But they are always willing to help and teach me how to pronounce such words in that context.

Learning Tagalog is easier than I have thought before, it only needs a little time and a good help to do so. I must admit, so far the course offered to me is very helpful and I am happy to have accepted it.

If you are interested to learn Tagalog also, I really recommend this method. It’s easy, fun, and takes just 15 to 30 minutes a day. Try it yourself! Do the free first lesson via the website: Learning Tagalog


  • dante commented on 23 July, 2015 Reply

    Do you really feel like it is worth it to learn? I live in the Phil’s and think the reward is not near as great as all the time it would take to learn it

    • Dutch Expat commented on 23 July, 2015 Reply

      Thanks for stopping by.
      have you ever tried to speak a few words in tagalog? Just a simple ‘goodmorning’ will give you some respect. Do not forget that we are guests in this country. We need to adapt to THEIR customs, not the other way around.
      For that reason I believe that it is imperative to speak some of the language. And it is much easier with this course, I can assure you! I am doing fine and enjoy the way Filipinos look at me when I am practicing THEIR language.

  • dante commented on 1 August, 2015 Reply

    I hear what you are saying, I am just lazy and this is one of my main reasons for choosing the Philippines hehe

    • Dutch Expat commented on 1 August, 2015 Reply

      OK, there’s no obligation to learn, it only makes communication easier.

  • Mic commented on 2 September, 2015 Reply

    Hi uncle, I came accross your website and thought of clicking. I find it amazing that you are already learning how to speak in Tagalog. I just wish you well and I hope that you will continue to enhance your Tagalog skills. More power. Regards to auntie đŸ™‚

    • Dutch Expat commented on 2 September, 2015 Reply

      Hi Mic,
      It’s been a long time that we hear from you. Hope you are doing well.
      My problem is that I do not have too much time in learning, but I am trying my best.
      Regards from your auntie and me to all pinoys and pinays in Holland

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