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Learning Tagalog – 2

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For those people who have start learning Tagalog, the only official language in the Philippines next to English, I’ll give some links where you can have some on-line lessons.
For an expat to be accepted faster in the Philippines it would be best to learn a few phrases and small sentences in Tagalog. Filipinos will smile even more at you, and you will be accepted much easier.
Expats living in the Visayas and those in Mindanao would say: why Tagalog; It is not the language spoken by the majority of Filipinos. They are right, but Tagalog is an official Filipino language, one of the subjects in all schools and the basic official language in the country. I also realize that Cebuano or Visaya are widely spoken and considered ‘official languages’, but by law they are not.

Most people in the Philippines however, are using a mixture of Tagalog and English called TAGLISH. Filipinos also have the habit of using English words but pronounce it and write it the Filipino way.
For example: karwas = carwash; imbestigador = investigator
Check also my gallery page English and Taglish with examples of the way Taglish or English is used in the Philippines.
One of the local TV stations (ABS-CBN) has a show (every saturday) called: WANSAPANATAYM. I know, this is just the name of a TV show, but it illustrates their use of English. To understand the Philippine people better and to make them laugh at foreigners it is advised to learn some of their complicated language.

If you think: Hey learning Tagalog is something I could try, check one of the websites below:

Other interesting sites about learning Tagalog

Podcasts learning Tagalog

I also have found other interesting websites about learning Tagalog. They have podcast sound fragments to learn how to pronounce it as well.

If you do not have iTunes installed on your computer, you need to do so for viewing some files. (I am not a big Apple fan, and I installed iTunes, but I am still not able to open these files …. after some trying I got it. It is not very easy…. Maybe that’s why I hate Apple..;-) )

Enjoy learning and understanding this beautiful but complicated language. Have fun with it and enjoy the smiling faces when you talk a few words to the Filipino people.


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