job in the philippines

job in the Philippines

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Finding a job in the Philippines is difficult. It is already for Filipinos, but even more for foreigners. So do not come to this country with a few thousand dollars in your pocket, with the idea: “I am going to start a new life in the Philippines and I am going to look for a job in the Philippines!” Your money will be gone before you know it, and you still do not have a job.

your job in the Philippines

But, if you persuade and can find one, be aware that wages are not that high, compared to US or European standards.
In addition, there is this Philippine law about hiring foreigners as employees of a company. I’ll try to explain:
Companies in the Philippines are allowed to hire foreigners but only if that same job cannot be filled by a Filipino. This means that if a company needs someone with special skills, and people with those skills are not available among Filipinos, only then they are allowed to hire a foreigner for that position.
job in the philippinesOn the other hand, companies prefer to hire Filipinos because they do not have to pay them those big salaries. Filipinos speak the local language, foreigners often do not or too little.
Employment conditions are not the same as you will have back home. There is no such thing as a labor law, which states how many hours a day you have to work or how many days off you have. Well, there is, but it is not implemented. The employer decides how many hours you have to work and when (and if) you will have a day off.
Aside from that, if a foreigner likes to have a job in the Philippines and he finds one, this foreigner first needs a working permit. Most foreigners coming to the Philippines only have a tourist visa. They do not get a working permit unless they get a permanent resident visa. To get a permanent resident visa, there are a few possibilities.
1, You need to be married to a Filipino / Filipina, to get a so called 13a visa which includes the possibility to accept a job. The employer still has to take care for a working permit for you.
2, You can “buy” yourself a retirement visa (SRRV) by putting a large sum in a bank or by investing a large sum in the Philippines. This also allows you to get a job in the Philippines. But still, a work permit from DOLE is needed.
3, A company wants to hire you and has legal reasons for it. They will take care for your working permit. In this case the company will take care that you get a 9g visa.
@3: The way of getting employed in the Philippines often is an assignment from a foreign company to go to the Philippines. Large multinationals do that like Shell, Unilever, some hotel companies and others.

Check HERE for different visa possibilities in the Philippines. You may also visit your local Philippine Embassy (or their website) for more details.

Create your own independent job in the Philippines

To earn a living in the Philippines, you can also start your own business. But be aware that you cannot own such business all by yourself. You need Filipino partners and you as foreigner can own only 40% of the shares.
If you are a computer programmer, or photographer, creative artist, writer or have some other skills like business consultant, and you can work from home, it would be possible to do that here in the Philippines. Even if your clients are in the US or Europe. The Philippines has a (relatively) good internet system with broadband connections. Most of those professions you can do from your own home. Moreover, there is no working permit necessary if you have your own ‘business’ this way; only if you also serve clients based in the Philippines.

Finding a job in the Philippines

job in the philippinesThere are a few websites in the Philippines, focusing on better-paid jobs, especially for foreigners. To get a working permit usually takes two to three months. If it takes longer, something might be wrong.

As of 2015, there is good news for IT specialists, especially employees in IT – Software and IT – Network, System, and Database Administration! It does not matter if you are a fresh graduate or a manager, specializing in IT gives a good pay scale as the industry is booming.

From time to time foreign language speakers are needed to work on helpdesks/service desks, for inbound and outbound work. These jobs are often filled by foreigners, especially for non English languages. Personally, I have been invited a few times to work for a call center (Makati, Ortigas and Libis) through DenCom, a manpower agency in Manila. Salary was from 80,000 and up a month. However, I do not like to work starting 3 or 4 pm and work until after midnight, even in weekends. Second point is I do not NEED to work, I am retired and have my (little) pension.
To earn a little extra, I am a freelance translator through oDesk. This gives me enough to do to keep myself busy and I can work as much (or as little) as I like. Check the oDesk website and check if this is something you want to do. There is a wide variety of jobs available, all from your own home office.

A few websites where you maybe can find a (good) job in the Philippines:
job in the philippines

But there are many more places on the net where you can find a job in the Philippines.
For example check the website of a company who might be able to use your skills, they often have a career page where job openings are listed.

You can also use Google and search for manpower Philippines and you will find many manpower organizations in the Philippines.

If you still cannot find a job in the Philippines with these tips, maybe you should just retire here and enjoy the good life.

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