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Future of the Philippines

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The Philippines is a country with many problems. The Philippines will have much bigger problems in the future than they are having today.

Current situation :

Presently the population is over 101 million people while only 15 years ago, in 2000, it was 77 million. Currently the Philippines ranks number 12 in the list of countries by population.
The median age in the Philippines is 23.2 years. This number has increased with almost 50% from 16.3 in 1965, and will increase further because of better living conditions.
With a population growth of around 2% yearly, the population will be 157 million in 2050.
(statistics from worldometers [dot] info)

Current problems :

Almost every day, you see in the news that there is a shortage of power (electricity), clean water, rice and infrastructure like roads, schools and housing. With a fast growing population like it is predicted, these problems will also grow bigger.
Farmers experiencing lower prices for their products, because corrupt importers are importing cheap rice and vegetables from China and other countries without import permissions. The result is that many farmers stop their activities, selling their land for low prices to real estate investors, and there will be a bigger shortage of food.

Saving the future of the Philippines

This means that the Philippine government should take immediate action in improving these important things. Problems are that Filipinos do not look at the future; they live by the day and so does the government.
The economy of the Philippines is growing fast, but most of the population is not benefitting from it. As almost everybody knows, the Philippines politics are very chaotic and corrupt on many places. In the critical media landscape, President Aquino has maintained good approval ratings among citizens, except for his actions lately in the Mamasapano clash where rebellious groups killed 44 military personnel.
The Philippine people credit him for the booming economy and slow improvements in their lives in general. Yet they are not satisfied enough. It takes too long to see more improvements.

corruption and futureFacts are that the country’s foreign currency reserves have grown and their debt is declining, while keeping inflation and interest rates low. Foreign investors like these things, so they will be attracted to it. However, when you look better at the economic profile of the Philippines, you can easily see that a few large companies and a few powerful Filipino families are taking most of the created wealth, leaving the poverty and underemployment numbers unchanged.
Because of the absence of effective regulations, the Philippine government is not able to develop infrastructure faster, or do something at one of the highest utility rates in the world. Moreover, these two are imperative for a better and stable growth of the country.

What to do now?

Before getting into much more serious problems, the Philippine government should take immediate action and secure a stable electricity supply, secure fresh water whole year around and improve infrastructure. And more important: fight corruption in all layers of society. Corruption is the reason that this country is not making the progress it could.

corruption cartoon: cartoon at Philstar.com
energy future Philippines: rappler

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