food not sex

food not sex

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Somewhere in 2009, I was in Cubao on the corner of EDSA and Aurora blvd. when I saw a strange white thing hanging on a lamppost. When I came nearby, I realized that I was lucky to bring my camera again.

It was a piece of Styrofoam with a simple text carved on it.

food not sex

On the backside of this advertisement was a similar text but this time in Tagalog.

The text is “Pagkain, hindi kantutan“, which means: Food, not screwing (where the Tagalog word is known as vulgar).

food not sex

pagkain hindi kantutan = food no fucking

When I noticed it, I realized that it was a kind of protest against something.

Seeing this way of protest from somebody makes me thinking. Would it just be someone who has many children and no food to feed them? On the other hand, could it be that it is someone who is against the way a nearby hotel is advertising?
The hotel is offering relaxation, and one can rent a room for just a few hours. Unnecessary to explain to you what kind of people go there. So maybe a frustrated wife of a regular customer in that hotel put this advertising.

Or could it be that there is another reason?

It is a fact that a lot of people in the Philippines do not earn enough to feed their family and themselves. I am almost thinking that someone from this last category has placed this sign.

It is also a known fact that on these footbridges, crossing Edsa and Aurora blvd, many people are offering their bodies in exchange for some money or food.

On the other hand, could it be that it is someone who lament about how the government widely promotes contraceptives (condoms, pills, etc.) as a response to the growing poverty rate in the Philippines? Many believe the government fails to address the real root problem of poverty, which is proper education. According to the reproductive health bill issue, it says the government will have to shell out up to around as much as 2 billion pesos for these contraceptives to be given away to people.
The real solution here could be better education of the masses, maybe it would take time but I guess it is all worth it rather than patching up one wrong thing with another wrong. It only aggravates the situation!

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