festivals in the Philippines

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Filipinos celebrate many festivals (called fiesta) throughout the year. Every city, town, barangay and subdivision has its own fiesta. Filipinos are happy people and they like to celebrate something. For that reason they celebrate every occasion with smaller or bigger fiestas.
Many of these fiestas are worth seeing because of the beautiful costumes, nice decorated floats and good local food and handicraft you will find there.

Expat in the Philippines tries to make a list of the most important to watch fiestas and festivals and events in the Philippines.
However, this list will never be complete and is “continuously under construction”. Do you know of any festival or fiesta of which you think it should be on this list, do not hesitate to let us know. Just send us, via the contact page, some information, and a few pictures (if you have) and the website address where we can find more information about this fiesta, and we will check it out and publish it on the list.

Check the Festivals Calendar below for a specific time period

Chinese New Year
Holy Week and Easter
Christmas and New Year