Ang buhay ay weather weather lang

Ang buhay ay weather weather lang

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One of the stars of ABS-CBN tv is the weather man Kuya Kim (Kim Atienza), who mixes comedy and knowledge to entice his audience.
After his talk about the weather, he always tells something interesting about nature, animal life, some trivia or something like that.
And after his weather-talk he always says goodbye with the words:

Ang buhay ay weather weather lang

I have asked my wife Flor to explain this sentence to me because it was also used when Kuya Kim appeared as co-host in another show.

It seems that this sentence has little to do with the weather.
Actually it should go like this : Ang buhay ay pana-panahon lang.

  • Panahon = ‘it’s time’ (or ‘certain time’), but also means ‘weather’.
  • Pana-panahon means more ‘it’s time’ in a seasonal way.

To make it sound more funny and also looking like it has to do something with the weather, Kuya Kim says always: Ang buhay ay weather weather lang which actually means: ‘life is changing with the times’.
To many Filipinos in the country is means also that life has its ups and downs. And so does the weather.

[something] ay weather weather lang

This saying of Kuya Kim seem not to be his own.
Some people say it is copied from former president Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada (saying “Politics ay weather weather lang”).
Others say it was the comedian LEO MARTINEZ who used this phrase the first time in one of his sit-com shows.

The phrase Kuya Kim is using, demonstrates the difficulty of the Tagalog language.

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Feel free to comment on this post: if you know a nice and / or difficult Tagalog word or sentence, just put it in a comment.

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