Welcome to the Expat in the Philippines website.


This website was first founded in 2008 and the layout has been renewed a few times. At this moment the website undergoes new changes. The ‘looks’ has completely changed and the website can easily be viewed from mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones.

All content needs to be reviewed. Several old posts will be deleted, because they are not important anymore or have old -not up to date- information, other posts need to be rewritten and corrected. This is a time consuming process but the website will be populated soon with all this.

Navigation has changed a lot. In the menu-bar you will find access to all pages. Check the categories and subcategories if you are looking for something in particular. Of course you can also use the search engine on top of the side-bar. Just type your search word and hit enter.

Feel free to contact me through the contact page to ask any question or comment on the new lay-out. Contact me also with your suggestions to improve the website.

Thanks for your understanding.